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Programs at Hudson Bridge Day Care

Our infant program provides your baby with individualized care that will make them feel special. We use the Pinnacle Curriculum which deals with learning in all domains (social, emotional, cognitive, and physical development). Our teachers give the babies the special attention they deserve. The teachers provide quality routine care which infants need such as being fed and changed, loved and talked to, and are given things to look at and listen to. They play outside of the crib and are given help to do more things on their own. Our caregivers play an important part in what the infants learn.

The toddler program is a step up from the infant room but focuses more on talking and fine motor skills. The teacher uses music, instruments, puppets, books, and sensory activities to stimulate the child’s development. Toddlers need active learning and our teacher provides them with many opportunities  to establish a love of learning.

Our two year old program uses the High Reach Curriculum focusing on exploring the world around them through art, music, reading, and lots of play. They are in the beginning stages of potty training. All activities are designed to help the toddler learn to do things individually.

Our three year old program requires a more structured routine but uses active learning through play as its guide. Small and large group activities, music, art, and fine-motor activities make up the three year old’s day. Weekly themes provide lots of opportunity to explore their world.

We have one four year old class which is designed to help prepare the child for Pre-K. A more structured day involves circle time, music, small and large group activities, as well as art activities. Our teacher has been at our center for over 10 years and uses activities and weekly themes to enchance the curriculum.

The Georgia Lottery Prekindergarten Program strives to provide students with the basic skills necessary for a smooth transition to kindergarten.  Transition planning occurs at several levels.  Teachers use the Georgia content standards to develop and implement lessons that are developmentally appropriate and individualized for each student.  Certified teachers provide a learning environment that is inviting and fun while focusing on the areas of Social/Emotional, Language and Literacy, Math, Science, The Arts, Social Studies, and Health and Physical Development.

Our daycare serves school-age children by providing quality before and after school care. We provide a program designed for school-age children on a year-round schedule. We are open for school breaks and holidays. Our Before and After school programs provide either breakfast and or afternoon snack, as well as homework assistance and an opportunity to participate in various activities.

Our curriculum based program allows kids time to explore arts and crafts, music, drama, and science - all rolled into one program of exciting adventures for school-age kids.  Our swimming pool is open daily, and kids participate in weekly field trips such as the movies, skating, Fernbank Science Center, the Aquarium, Stone Mountain, sporting events, Chuck E Cheese, and The World of Coke.  Don't stay home and be bored - here at Hudson Bridge you will stay busy having fun. 

We appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to Hudson Bridge Daycare Center and look forward to sharing with you the programs we offer to help provide your child the best child care experience within our community. 

Our goal is to provide parents with the peace of mind that their children are being loved and cared for while they are away.  At Hudson Bridge we offer balanced activities designed to help children receive high goals in social, emotional, and physical development.  We support the multicultural, intellectual, social and cultural development of children by offering opportunities to develop their whole self.

"I have been dealing with Hudson Bridge Day Care for over 13 years and I simply love it! The staff is great and the center is always clean and safe. Everyone's differences are respected and learning is always taking place. I have three children of my own that attended Hudson Bridge Day Care and a child that is currently in Pre-K. The things that she is learning is right on track for her to be successful when she starts elementary school. Thank you so much for ensuring the success of all of my children!"
Sincerely, Kandice R.
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